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Brexit And Your Business

On 23 June 2016 the UK took a historic decision to vote to leave the EU. While some businesses are already well advanced in their Brexit planning, now that we know the UK will leave the EU those businesses which have not yet considered the impact of Brexit will need to do so.

Brexit planning is complicated by the fact that the UK's exit arrangements are still to be negotiated and could take a variety of forms, with or without access to the Single Market (Click Here to read our previous Brexit Briefing). These negotiations are likely to take a minimum of two years and could take longer.

This briefing is designed as a practical and accessible overview of some of the key issues arising from the Brexit vote, with the aim of assisting you to identify those relevant to your business. In the briefing William Fry presents a high level overview of key risks before identifying the top five issues on a sector-by-sector basis. Not all issues/risks will be relevant to all businesses.

Click here to view the 'Brexit And Your Business' briefing where we cover the following topics:

  • High Level Risks
  • Financial Services Generally - Top 5 Issues
  • Insurance and Reinsurance – Top 5 Issues
  • Asset Management and Investment Funds – Top 5 Issues
  • Banking – Top 5 Issues
  • Tax – Top 5 Issues
  • Employment Law and Pensions – Top 5 Issues
  • Trade, Imports and Exports – Top 5 Issues
  • Capital Markets – Top 5 Issues
  • Intellectual Property and Data Protection - Top 5 Issues
  • Litigation - Top 5 Issues
  • Competition - Top 5 Issues
  • Energy - Top 5 Issues
  • Environment and Climate Change - Top 5 Issues

William Fry's Brexit team is available to advise you on all legal, regulatory and tax implications of Brexit on your business. Please contact the William Fry Brexit team member most relevant to your industry sector, or your usual William Fry contact, for legal advice.