IIF Advice to Policyholders Affected by Floods

The Irish Insurance Federation has issued advice to policyholders who have suffered damage due to flooding.

Michael Horan, Non-Life Manager, IIF said: "We advise people to take sensible precautions to prevent further damage to their property, without risking injury to themselves.  For example, furniture and valuables may be moved to an upper storey."

"Home and business owners who have suffered damage should contact their insurers as quickly as possible. Insurers are working hard to ensure that policyholders' claims are handled quickly and many insurers have emergency helplines for their customers."

The IIF reminds policyholders that:

  • Household buildings and contents insurance will usually cover damage caused by flooding;
  • Damage to cars is covered by comprehensive insurance policies;
  • Insurers will usually pay for the cost of temporary repairs, so ensure that you keep copies of receipts;
  • Insurers will also pay for the cost of alternative accommodation, if the house becomes uninhabitable (up to stated limits);
  • Householders should check the full extent of their policies and contact their insurer or broker as quickly as possibly.

Turning to the cost of the flood, Mr Horan said: "There is no doubt that flooding has already caused extensive damage to homes and businesses in the East.  However, it is too early at this stage to estimate the cost of flood related damage - this figure will not be available for at least three to four weeks."

Article Published: 25/10/2011