Apex outperforms in Global industry survey

Global Admin Survey sees Apex Fund Services receive the biggest response from asset managers in 2016, outperforming its peers in 8 out of 9 categories.

  • Servicing Large Clients - Outperformer
  • Servicing Medium Clients - Outperformer
  • North American Clients - Outperformer
  • UK Clients - Outperformer
  • Asian Clients - Outperformer
  • ROW Clients - Outperformer
  • Equity Managers - Outperformer
  • Macro Managers - Outperformer

The results of the 2016 Global Custodian Hedge Fund Administration Survey are based on responses from over 1200 asset managers around the world voting for a total of 30 different fund administrators, across 8 key service performance categories. The survey saw asset managers, irrespective of size, prioritising Relationship Management and Client Service when assessing their service providers; with around one quarter of all respondents regarding these elements as the most important part of a good working relationship. The survey states that “Apex has for many years been recognised as being an expert in handling hedge funds...However, in recent years it has steadily broadened its offering to covering private equity and other alternative manager strategies.”

Peter Hughes, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Apex Fund Services, said:

With 22% of Apex’s respondents being listed as 'Large' managers, the misconception that we predominantly work with mid tier and start up hedge funds has now been truly dispelled. The data gathered not only shows that Apex received by far the largest proportion of responses from managers, but also that we deliver service to a wide breadth of managers across all asset classes by receiving votes from the most diverse selection in terms of location, size and investment strategy. The overwhelming positive tone and sheer volume of responses from our clients reinforces the fact that our philosophy of delivering global service on a local level is what managers are looking for to support their business”.

Extracts from the Survey:

"The success of Apex is built on meeting client needs, whether for custom reporting or support in new environments. Its ability to perform better than its peers is summed up by one client who commented, 'great service and professionalism; out of the 6 administrators I have used in the past they are the best'..."

"'Apex’s recordkeeping is flawless, their service to my clients is exceptional, and they have earned the trust and respect of my auditors and tax accountants reducing my workload substantially' is the way one very happy client summarised their experience."

Article Published: 11/10/2016