Irish Charities Partner with Revolut to Address Fundraising Crisis

SIX OF IRELAND’S national charities have today announced that they are partnering with Revolut to help raise vital funds during the pandemic.

Focus Ireland, the Irish Cancer Society, ISPCC Childline, the Jack & Jill Foundation, Pieta, and Safe Ireland have all joined Revolut’s ‘Donations’ feature, which allows Revolut customers to donate quickly and easily through the Revolut app.

Two other Irish charities - Special Olympics Ireland and the Irish Red Cross - are already on the Revolut app, helping them raise money at a time when many traditional fundraising drives have been impacted by Covid-19 restrictions.

With Revolut Donations, 100% of the money given goes straight to the chosen charity.

Revolut users can choose to set up recurring donations, spare change donations, or simply make a one-off donation to the charity of their choice.

In light of the Covid-19 crisis, charities around the world have seen a decline in donations due to the cancellation of fundraising and in-person events. The Charities Institute Ireland has projected donations to be down more than 40% due to the crisis. Revolut has more than a million customers in Ireland: to date, Irish Revolut customers have donated more than €500,000 to charities using the ‘Donations’ feature.

A spokesperson for Revolut said “We are very proud to add these 6 new charities to Revolut Donations. Charities across the country have experienced a decline in donations due to Covid-19 restrictions. By enabling users to donate electronically- and pass 100% of the donation to the charity - we hope that the Revolut community can support those in need as we approach Christmas.

Article Published: 25/11/2020