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We are taking extra safety procedures to take care of our clients while they are training in our facility. The training groups are reduced to 4 people per slot and our facilities are sanitised regularly throughout the day by clients and trainers.

Our team members are wearing PPE equipment (Mask & Gloves) to help our members feel safe during their training session.

We are very different to other gyms and part of a global winning model. We teach everyone the steps to use more of your mind to get your body and your life into shape. Book your guest pas for €49 and that includes a mini consultation and 3 training sessions, but I want to know more about your goals first.


Did you know that the real reason a person gets out of shape is because your metabolism, the rate at which you burn food and body fat for energy, slows down as you age?

Something else that may come as a surprise to you is that your muscle tissue burns 90% of the calories that you burn on a daily basis.

Science shows us the reason that your metabolism slows down year on year is because you lose about a half a pound of muscle EVERY YEAR from the age of about 30 and by the time you are 60 you will have lost an incredible 30% of your muscle tissue.  Since research shows us that each pound of muscle burns approximately 50 – 100 calories per day imagine how quickly you lose the ability to burn off EXCESS calories and how easy it is to gain weight!

Educogym discuss Success Stories, offer advice on Wellbeing & Health issues , Training Tips and much more on their Educogym Podcast - click here to learn more. 

Our system focuses on this fact - Muscle burns calories!


You must at all cost regain lost muscle tissue.


Whatever you choose to do make sure it’s not aerobics or low calorie diets. Look at the research and you will discover that although these methods help you lose weight, most of the weight is muscle! Long term they will further slow down your metabolism.  How often have you heard a person try these methods and then pile on the weight afterwards?

Now you know why!

Join a regular gym or try a low calorie weight loss programme and damage your metabolism long term making it harder and harder to get into shape.

Honestly don’t waste your time contemplating other useless methods – try our proven method. Call us now on 6708692 and start your transformation today.


We help you increase muscle tissue.  No other system focuses solely on this.  We provide the right nutrition, teach you to do the right exercise and even recommend the right food supplements to help you regain lost muscle tissue.  As a result you will lose fat, gain muscle, become firmer, shapelier and increase energy faster than you could possibly imagine.

At educogym we are results driven and work with YOU, our client to achieve whatever goal YOU may have.


What people really like about our system is that great results can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes of exercise three times per week and there are no low calorie starvation diets so it’s very easy.

People tell us that they notice all sorts of benefits from our type of training including getting into great shape, increased energy and health and even dramatically improving focus and concentration.


There is no point doing any programme if you don’t know what you are doing.  We realize this so each session is appointment based and fully supervised by a qualified educogym instructor.  What’s more, you will be assigned a trainer who is responsible for your result! We start with an hour-long consultation where your educogym instructor will also go through your current diet and suggest a diet that will suit you and the results you want to achieve. Clients are monitored throughout each programme by their trainer to ensure they achieve their goals leaving them extremely happy!

The programmes we provide are on a monthly basis and you can train as much as like at no extra cost.

Don’t kid yourself…

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if you just join a gym that you are magically going to get into shape. I bet you know lots of people who pay gym memberships but don’t go.  You need a proven scientific system that works, nutritional advice, food supplements AND most of all you must have someone to support you making sure you do the whole system properly. We realize this and so provide everything you need for just €50 per week which is the same as one personal training session in a regular gym.

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Opening times are 6:00am to 9:00pm Monday to Thursday, 6:00 to 8:00 Friday and we are open 8:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday.