Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship

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Custom House Quay
North Dock
D01 V9X5
Dublin 1

Phone: +353 (0)1 473 0111
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Meet the passengers from the past

A humanitarian captain, a noble doctor, a pregnant woman, a woman and her children in search of her husband and 2 terrified orphans. Can they survive the journey?

Experience a Famine ship firsthand

See the conditions they travelled in, imagine what the voyage was like and explore a tall ship.

Award-winning tour guides

Our passionate and knowledgeable guides are talented storytellers who will bring history to life and answer all your questions.

Informative 50-minute tour

An experience that will stay with you long after the tour ends. One of Dublin’s top tourist attractions.

Opening Hours

Monday 11a.m.–4p.m.
Tuesday 11a.m.–4p.m.
Wednesday 11a.m.–4p.m.
Thursday 11a.m.–4p.m.
Friday 11a.m.–4p.m.
Saturday 11a.m.–4p.m.
Sunday 11a.m.–4p.m.