The Georgian Montessori Primary School CLG

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40 Belvedere Place
Dublin 1

Phone: 087 2366728
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Nature of Business
Private Primary School


The Georgian Montessori Primary School is a new child-centred Montessori school in the heart of the city, catering to families from all over Dublin. It is a non profit school set up by parents for parents.

We offer full primary schooling in the Montessori method from nursery to 6th class. In addition we have homely daycare from 8am to 6pm for full-time working parents.

We strongly believe in fostering each child’s natural desire to learn. Our Montessori teachers coach and mentor rather than instruct, linking each child with activities and materials that are appropriate to his or her interests, needs, and developmental level.

Our classrooms are designed to allow movement and collaboration, but also encourages concentration and a sense of order. Unique learning materials beckon from accessible shelves, inviting small hands to take on new challenges, one concept or skill at a time.

Opening Hours

8am to 6pm