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Business Beyond Brexit

Matheson Financial Services Partner Liz Grace interviewed Minister of State for European Affairs, Helen McEntee and Matheson Managing Partner, Michael Jackson. The following questions and issues were dealt with in this interview:
  • The UK backstop proposals on the border issue;
  • Can EU negotiation deadlines be met in time;
  • The prospects of a hard Brexit;
  • The biggest impacts for businesses affected by Brexit right now, and are businesses ready for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit as a real prospect;
  • Which industry sectors in particular are looking at Ireland as an operations base and a gateway to European markets post Brexit;
  • Could the EU negotiating standpoint soften in relation to the Irish border question, if this was to help to avoid a hard Brexit;
  • Will the recent introduction of US tariffs energise Brexiteers who believe that Britain can negotiate better deals for itself - or serve as a stark reminder of how much strength there is in the purchasing power of the EU27.



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