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Financial Services Union launches survey of finance workers

The main union representing finance workers, the Financial Services Union, has launched a major survey on working terms and conditions in the finance sector

The union, which traditionally represented bank workers, now has members in more than 60 companies. The union has a growing presence in international finance and the tech sector, and says it expects this to develop in the coming years.

Acting General Secretary of the FSU Gareth Murphy said:“We are responding on a daily basis to the many new challenges of work today. For example, techno stress often a feature of working life now."

"As the union has expanded its footprint in the financial services sector, we have noticed trends in relation to pay transparency, use of technology and working time. The survey will allow us to better represent staff across the sector."

The union worked closely with Mr Colin Whitson, former Vice Dean of the National College of Ireland, and members of the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick, in developing the survey.

The union says it is experiencing strong interest in the survey from finance staff.

Mr Murphy said: "People working in finance deserve to have their voice heard. We will be using the results of the survey in our campaigns to improve working life in the sector."

The survey can be viewed at https://fsusurvey.typeform.com/to/bQTXp6. More information is available at www.yoursayonfinance.org. The hashtag for the survey is #yoursayonfinance