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Euronext launches the fifth edition of its pre-ipo programme techshare and expands its geographical reach

More than 130 companies from nine European countries to attend Euronext’s academic campus at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands

The fifth edition of TechShare, Euronext’s dedicated programme for European tech companies focused on the IPO, brings together a record number of companies, including, for the first time, six companies from Ireland.

This year’s edition will include 132 tech companies, four times more than at the time of the programme’s launch in 2015, with participants representing a more mature corporate profile overall than in previous years.

  • On average, the participating companies each generate annual revenues of about €11 million and employ 80 people, versus 54 employees in the first edition.
  • Two-thirds of the companies are backed by private equity investors and have raised an average €18 million in capital before joining the programme. This compares to an average €6 million raised by participants in 2015.

Since its inception in 2015, TechShare has steadily extended its reach across Europe. Last year, the programme welcomed companies from Germany, Italy, Spain and Swizzerland. Participants from these countries will this year comprise 40% of the group, confirming the interest in TechShare among European tech companies across the region. This is further demonstrated by the inclusion of six companies from Ireland, who will be building on their participation in the IPOready programme run by Euronext Dublin.

5th Edition of TechShare

The TechShare programme was launched in 2015 with 30 companies from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal participating in the first truly pre-IPO oriented programme in the capital markets sphere.

Since 2015, a total of 275 companies have participated in the previous four editions, four of which have listed on Euronext and several others preparing for a listing .

Over four years, a total 45 VC funding deals have occurred following the companies’ participation in TechShare. About 70% of those deals involved late-stage VC and PE growth deals from private equity investors, showing the pre-IPO funding dynamism for some companies before potentially going to the market.