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Revolut Business launches affordable acquiring solution for European businesses

Liberty Seguros, the company that operates Liberty Mutual Global Retail Markets in Europe, has appointed Jose Luis Garcia as Product Leader for the West European Market, including Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Northern Ireland

Jose Luis, the current Strategy and Transformation Leader for the company’s European operations, will replace Juan Miguel Estallo who held the position prior to his recent appointment as Liberty’s Chief Executive Officer in Europe.

As the Product Leader, Jose Luis will continue to enhance collaboration and best practice sharing with the West Region markets and global functions by taking advantage of Liberty’s global scale to execute best-in-class products, pricing, underwriting and reinsurance strategies. 

Joining the company in 2015 as a Managing Director on Liberty’s Global Retail Markets East and West international strategy team, Jose Luis worked on international strategy definition and on select strategic projects at the global, regional and local levels.
His current and previous experience with market strategy and operational excellence puts him in an ideal position to lead Liberty’s product function on its continued path toward operational excellence.

Jose Luis Garcia commented: “As we welcome the new year, I’m incredibly thankful to Liberty Seguros for the opportunity to take on this new challenge. It is an exciting time to lead the product function with our new cloud-based approach to insurance which will allow us to offer modular products and become more agile in launching new products.

It is an uncertain and challenging time for all businesses and consumers alike, but I am hopeful for the future, as under the leadership of Juan Miguel Estallo, one thing is for certain, at Liberty we will continue to ensure that we deliver our promises to our customers and live our values by putting people first.”

In July 2020, Liberty Seguros announced an investment of €100 million to create a new model of operating insurance through a digital ecosystem on Amazon's public cloud API.  Since then, its motor direct business for Ireland and Spain are already operating through an insurtech approach based on offering simple and modular products to customers.