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Regional One Inc Chooses SPARTA Enterprise Asset Management Software

Acumen Aviation (“Acumen”) is pleased to announce that Regional One Inc, a purchaser, lessor, and seller of aircraft, aircraft parts, engines and engine parts, has chosen Acumen’s SPARTA Enterprise Asset Management software solution to support its entire fleet, comprising of more than 170 aircraft, engines and other major assemblies.

SPARTA is a cloud-based integrated platform designed , based on an in-depth understanding of aircraft asset management, to provide clients with a seamless, connected and intuitive way of organising and controlling a vast array of data spanning the complete life cycle of multiple assets. Regional One is unique in its business model and provides some unconventional leasing solutions to its customers.

When Regional One approached Acumen, a culmination of incumbent platform architecture, legacy software programs and lack of in-house development capabilities were creating difficulties in delivering responsive customised solutions for their clients within the platform. These were the key contributors for Regional One to seek to find a fit for purpose solution. Regional One has chosen Acumen for a long term deal and its SPARTA solution as a platform of choice for its Asset Management functions. Owing to SPARTA’s open source, new age technology architecture and an experienced product development team, Acumen was able to easily interpret and understand the requirements and therefore deliver well executed tailor -made solutions to Regional One. Examples of some specific solutions developed by the Acumen team for Regional One include Hybrid (Fixed and PBH combination) Rentals, Maintenance Reserve management, automation for setting up banking and lessor details, flexibility in generating invoices on demand, cashflow management / analysis and customised management reports. This SPARTA implementation project also provided Acumen with deep insights which will be used to drive further product improvements.