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Diploma in Aviation Leasing and Finance

This advanced-level diploma provides comprehensive coverage of the key aspects of the aviation leasing and finance industry.

This event is brought to you courtesy of Law Society of Ireland Diploma Centre

Event Details

27 January to 4 June 2022
Lectures live online on Thursdays 6pm to 9pm with live online workshops on occasional Saturdays. All sessions are recorded and available to view on playback.
Contact Name
Claire O'Mahony, Solicitor, Course Leader

More Information

It aims to deliver an in-depth analysis of the core legal and practical issues that parties typically encounter in aircraft leasing and finance transactions.

Programme objectives
On completion of this training programme, participants will be able to:

  • Analyse the key legal issues pertaining to the sale and lease of aircraft;
  • Critically evaluate the finance structures involved, how to finance an aviation transaction, and funding available;
  • Explain the key regulatory issues pertaining to aviation;
  • Summarise the legal issues relating to key aviation matters, such as engines, maintenance reserves, security, taxation, insurance, records, and repossession;
  • Draft and amend the key legal and financial documents and structures in aviation leasing and finance transactions;
  • Advise on a range of aviation issues that arise in practice – be it from a lender, lessor, lessee, or airline.

Who should attend?
In order to apply you must (1) be a qualified lawyer or (2) have a minimum of two years' full-time experience in the aviation industry or (3) have successfully completed the Certificate in Aviation Leasing and Finance.

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