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Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning

The Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning is offered jointly by the Law Society of Ireland and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

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Event Details

Law Society of Ireland Diploma Centre
24 September 2022 to 1 April 2023
Live lectures on Wednesday evenings, with occasional lectures taking place on Saturday mornings. Interactive onsite workshops on Saturdays. Also available to view on–demand.
Contact Name
Riona Leahy, Solicitor, Course Leader
Contact Phone
(01) 672 4802

More Information

This course has been designed by practitioners with specialist exposure to give a practical insight into key estate planning, legal- and tax-based concerns for private clients in the area of trust and estates. The focus of the diploma course is to enable successful candidates to advise clients on all aspects of the creation of wills, the operation of trusts, associated tax implications, and overall estate planning for clients. Practical in its approach, this course provides participants with real-life situations that practitioners face, and it gives real solutions to problems encountered.


The Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning programme is based on the following module scheme and covers key themes as listed below:

Module 1: Course introduction

  • Lifetime and estate planning,
  • Basic legal principles,
  • Basic tax principles.

Module 2: Introduction to taxation issues

  • Application of tax principles,
  • CGT, income tax, stamp duty, CAT,
  • Double taxation agreements.

Module 3: Lifetime and estate planning

  • Lifetime gifting and passing of value on death,
  • Legal issues and tax implications of wealth planning structures,
  • Financial planning.

Module 4: Trust drafting

  • Requirements of a valid trust,
  • Classification of trusts,
  • Drafting an effective trust deed.

Module 5: Administration of trusts

  • Office of trustee and trustee powers,
  • Breach of trust,
  • Tax issues in trusts.

Module 6: Will drafting

  • Testamentary capacity,
  • Solicitors’ duty of care,
  • Assisted decision-making.

Module 7: Administration of estates

  • Applying for the grant,
  • Litigation,
  • Distribution of assets.


Workshops are interactive sessions that focus on group problem-solving and are designed to revise all modules covered to date and to consolidate the student’s knowledge.

1) Basic Tax Computations (including case study), 1 October 2022 10am-1.30pm
2) Lifetime Planning, 15 October 2022 10am-1.30pm
3) Estate Planning, 12 November 2022  11am-1.30pm
4) Trust Drafting, 19 November 2022  12:30pm - 2:30pm
5) Administration of Trusts, 3 December 2022  10am-1.30pm
6) Taxation of Trusts, 14 January 2023  10am-1.30pm
7) Will Drafting, 28 January 2023  10am-12.30pm
8) Taxation of Estates, 11 February 2023  10am-1.30pm
9) Applying for the Grant / Duties of Personal Representatives, 25 March 2023  11am-2.30pm
10) Estate Litigation / Applications / Pleadings, 25 March 2023  10am-1.30pm
11) Exam Preparation, workshop 1 April 2023  1:30pm-3.30pm


Written assignment (20%) and two closed-book exams in May 2022 (40% each).

Who should attend?

The course is intended primarily for persons who have practical experience in the areas of wills, trusts, estate planning, probate, and the administration of estates within Ireland. In order to participate on the course, you must have relevant work experience of at least one year in the areas covered on the course and one or more of the following qualifications: solicitor, barrister, certified accountant, chartered accountant, associate or fellow of the Irish Taxation Institute, associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (Trustee Diploma), associate of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland (Diploma in Wealth Management), member of the Irish Institute of Legal Executives, or another professional qualification deemed equivalent by the Law Society and STEP.

To apply for the course, applicants should first apply for STEP Affiliate membership before registering for the course. Successful completion of the course provides a structured route to full membership of STEP and the use of the internationally recognised ‘registered trust and estate practitioner’ designation.

Please see STEP Ireland’s website (www.step.ie) for full details of membership criteria.

We welcome applications for this course from suitably qualified non-solicitors. Such applications are subject to a supplemental fee of €300.

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