What are the benefits for IT Managers when using a managed IT services partner?

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What are the benefits for IT Managers when using a managed IT services partner?Your company benefits in many ways when you use an external Managed Services Provider (MSP), but what’s in it for you – the IT Manager?

What are the benefits for IT Managers?


You are most likely working in a medium or large financial services organisation. If you have an IT team, you may be challenged with resourcing this is an ever-changing IT market. You may spend a significant part of your day managing vendors, people, support and operations. It would be much easier to just have one supplier to manage, allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Outsourcing your IT requirements to a single third party eases your burden and offers the following:

1. Reduced risk and improved compliance

By outsourcing, you know you are minimising risks to your organisation in terms of governance and GDPR. And you don’t have the hassle of keeping on top of these ever-changing needs.

2. Trained, experienced, qualified and certified staff

Qualified doesn’t mean the same as experienced. Your IT partner is responsible for your IT team and ensures that staff is experienced as well as having the required training and certifications. If needed your MSP can also provide experienced and qualified in-house IT staff to help you on a long term or temporary basis.

3. Single vendor management and increased service levels

Your MSP manages all the different supplier contracts, support and pricing structures. Your managed service partner offers 24x7x365 support so with service level agreements in place, you have only one number to call and are assured continuity of service.

4. Increased security

Security is critical in every organisation. From cybersecurity to ensure hackers don’t get access to your data, to managing policies and procedures when employees leave.

5. Business continuity

Your IT partner will manage restoring your backups and implementing disaster recovery plans in the event of a disaster. This ensures that your data is safe and your critical services continue to be delivered.

6. Consolidated view of infrastructure

Your MSP should offer a facility such as a portal that enables you to see the status of your IT infrastructure on one screen. And you can click on links for updates and export the data for reporting purposes.

7. Business intelligence and reporting

As you have a consolidated view of systems via the portal, you have access to real-time data in order to track and measure performance, helping you make more informed decisions and improve processes to improve the overall business performance.

8. Cost savings

Reasons 1 to 7 provide cost savings for your company – making you look good!

Working with an MSP offers you the opportunity to quickly implement new technology. Overall, it offers you peace of mind – knowing your partner is keeping an eye on your IT systems, preventing problems and managing issues as they arise so you don’t have to.

By Trilogy Technologies.