9 benefits for CEOs when using a Managed Services Provider For today’s businesses, a performant IT infrastructure is critical to their ability to operate and perform. But what is the best way to ensure your systems are well monitored and managed?

Should financial services companies keep this responsibility in-house or should you consider partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP). And if so, what are the benefits for CEOs of financial services organisations in using an MSP?

  1. Business continuity. How long can your organisation continue to function if your network crashes or your email fails? Your Managed Service partner will fix them quickly with the minimum of fuss.
  2. Moving to the cloud. An MSP will help you determine how to get the most from the cloud to ensure your organisation is as efficient and productive as possible.
  3. Value for money. It is more cost effective for a third party to manage your software updates, hardware and antivirus rather than hiring a full IT department. Your IT services provider team is trained in all the latest hardware and software products as soon as they are available.
  4. Improved compliance and reduced risk. An IT partner helps manage your risk in areas such as compliance and security. You don’t need to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and regulations.
  5. Always available. Managed Service Providers have a 24 x 7 service desk available to you (contract dependent). Should something happen, your partner has it under control.
  6. Fully trained staff: Your IT partner has trained, experienced, qualified and certified staff
  7. Proactive. An MSP can predict, prevent and respond to issues that could lead to downtime before you are even aware of the issue.
  8. Single point of contact. You have just one number to call for your IT requirements including disaster recovery, forgotten passwords and anti-virus deployment.

An MSP is a security consultant, network administrator and disaster recovery specialist in one. By working with an IT Managed Services partner, you don’t need to worry about your IT. You can rest assured that the IT side of your organisation is under control - enabling you to stay focused on your business plan.

By John Casey of Trilogy Technologies.