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Active Investing Remains the Foundation of Fund Management

24/05/2022 - Rock-bottom fees have propelled the popularity of passive funds over recent years but there are many reasons why active management will always have primacy in the business of fund management.

CBI Maintains Cautious Stance as Adoption of Crypto-Assets Progresses

26/04/2022 - The Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”) published its Securities Markets Risk Outlook Report on 8 February 2022 detailing the CBI' supervisory priorities for securities markets for the year ahead.

Liquidity Risk Management a Key Focus in the Central Bank's Letter to FMCs

30/03/2021 - On 12 March 2021, the Central Bank published a copy of a letter dated 10 March 2021 which has been sent to the chair of the board of certain fund management companies ("FMCs").

Lessons from CBI findings on fund management companies have broader application

12/11/2020 - The Central Bank of Ireland has released (27.10.20) the findings that arose from its thematic review which assessed how fund management companies have implemented the Central Bank requirements in this area – termed the CP86 framework.

Sustainable Investing: 3 Primary Drivers for ESG Investments

22/10/2020 - The practice of ESG investing began in the 1960s when investors chose to exclude stocks or entire industries from their portfolios based on business activities such as tobacco production.

The IFD/IFR: Getting to Grips with the New Remuneration Rules for Investment Firms

22/10/2020 - The Investment Firms Directive ((EU) 2019/2034) and Investment Firms Regulation (EU) 2019/2033 (IFD/IFR) take effect from 26 June 2021 and will establish a new, tailored prudential regime for MiFID investment firms.

ESG and The Disclosures Regulation

30/09/2020 - There has recently been an enhanced focus, both at national and international level, on disclosure requirements in respect of sustainability and ESG factors, with a view to allowing investors to make informed investment choices about ESG products.

The Great Switch – Negative prices are forcing Traders to change their Derivatives Pricing Models

23/07/2020 - Amid widespread economic uncertainty and increasingly volatile markets, derivatives traders have seen the prices of underlyings such as oil turn negative – a previously unimaginable scenario.

Venture capital funding falls by 41% to €197m in first quarter

27/06/2019 - Venture capital funding to Irish technology firms fell by just over 40% to €196.8m in the first quarter of 2019 compared to €332m in the same period last year, according to the Irish Venture Capital Association VenturePulse survey published in association with William Fry.

Venture capital funding falls by 47% in third quarter to €170m

09/01/2019 - Investment down by 33% to €546m in first nine months. Figures confirm “significant slowdown in market”

ESMA Clarifies Application of the Benchmarks Regulation to Investment Funds

05/03/2018 - ESMA has issued a second Q&A on the Benchmarks Regulation (BMR) in less than two months that will be of interest to investment funds.

GDPR For Irish Funds - 8 Month Countdown

02/11/2017 - The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect on 25 May 2018 and has been described as the most ground-breaking piece of European Union legislation in the digital era.

Third Country Delegation: European Commission Seeks Enhanced Role for ESMA

26/10/2017 - The European Commission (Commission) has recently proposed a number of legislative amendments aimed at further promoting supervisory convergence - one of the key tools in its Capital Markets Union toolbox.

Central Bank UCITS Regulations clarify CP86 location rules and other matters.

17/08/2017 - The Central Bank of Ireland (Central Bank) signed the Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013

EU Money Fund Reform To Take Effect

01/08/2017 - Following its adoption by the Council of the EU, the Money Market Funds Regulation has been published in the Official Journal of the EU. Therefore, the transition period for the implementation of the Regulation has begun.

Have you KID-proofed your QIAIF?

01/08/2017 - Following its bruising and protracted journey through the EU legislative process, the EU Regulation on Packaged Retail and Insurance-Based Investment Products ("PRIIPs") (EU 1286/2014) (the "Regulation") and related legislation will finally take effect on 1 January 2018.

Supreme Court not Seduced by Third Party Litigation Funding Arguments

22/06/2017 - High Court rejected Third Party Litigation Funding. This case arose as a consequence of the plaintiffs' allegations that there was impropriety in a tender process resulting in the award of a mobile phone licence to Esat Digifone in 1996.

EU Money Fund Reform Reaches Final Stage

10/05/2017 - On 5 April 2017, almost three and a half years after it was first proposed in September 2013, the European Parliament (Parliament) adopted at first reading the Money Market Funds Regulation (Regulation).

ESMA Opinion on UCITS Share Classes

11/04/2017 - The UCITS Directive (2009/65/EC) recognises the possibility for UCITS to offer different share classes to investors, but provides no detail as to the permitted scope of these share classes. As a result, there is no common legal or regulatory framework for establishing share classes throughout the EU.

Central Bank Updates

05/04/2017 - Updates of interest include: Supervisory Priorities - Speaking at two industry events*, Grainne McEvoy, Director of Securities and Markets Supervision set out the Central Bank's 2017 supervisory priorities, together with other planned initiatives, as they relate to Asset Management.

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