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Antigen testing, vaccinations and ventilation: What’s new in the updated Work Safely Protocol?

27/05/2021 - The new revision of the Work Safely Protocol reflects the recent public health measures announced by the government in April 2021 under ‘Recovery and Resilience: The Path Ahead’.

Data Centres Shaping Our Electricity Future

27/05/2021 - On 8 March 2021, EirGrid and the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications launched a nationwide consultation report on the future of Ireland’s electricity system (the Consultation Report).

Deposits in Danger as Banks Push Back

26/05/2021 - In the wake of the crisis, many people are holding on to a stockpile of cash while they wait to see if the global economy rebounds. However, around the world, bank customers are finding their institutions strangely reluctant to handle these deposits.

The future is “Fintegration” : finTechs & traditional firms are joining forces

26/05/2021 - The line between FinTech firms and traditional financial institutions is blurring as the latter embrace new technology. Partnerships and mergers between traditional institutions and FinTech startups are increasingly common, and many incumbent firms are licensing and adopting the tools developed by innovators.

Managing the Work-Life Balance

05/05/2021 - With National Workplace Wellbeing Day upon us, it seems timely to consider the work-life balance. Encouraging employees to maintain an appropriate work-life balance is imperative for employees’ personal wellbeing and for building a supportive and collaborative culture.

Greening The Grid Is Sustainability Step One – How Can It Be Done?

21/04/2021 - The decarbonization of the power grid is a core step in building a sustainable, climate-friendly economy. Indeed, US president Joe Biden has put having an emissions-free electricity sector by 2035 at the heart of his climate agenda.

In times of distress, orphans shine: a look at Cayman Islands and Irish orphan Special Purpose Vehicles

14/04/2021 - Finance parties in a transaction frequently use structured vehicles using a borrower orphan as an instrument to secure their position. This is due to the nature of an orphan trust and the independence of its directors which provides an extra degree of comfort when making decisions on enforcing their transaction security.

Supporting Payroll Workers During Lockdown

30/03/2021 - A recent internal study at Paycheck Plus revealed that the core underlying needs of payrollers is security and safety and that when these needs come under threat, their behaviours switch to “defend and define” whereby they become protective, somewhat defensive about themselves, their family and friends and their ideas and beliefs about external threats.

Tough New Sustainability Rules Are Here – Is Your Company Ready?

30/03/2021 - On March 10, 2021, the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) will come into force. The SFDR – which forms part of the broader EU action plan for sustainable finance – is aimed at promoting disclosures related to sustainability issues.

Guidance from the Office of Government Procurement regarding the Public Works Contracts and Ex Gratia Payment Scheme

11/03/2021 - In this article we look at the recent guidance that has issued regarding Public Works Contracts arising from the closure of all non-essential construction sites on 8 January 2021 as part of the national effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Making SPACE working from home

25/02/2021 - Giving ourselves physical and mental space is so important when working from home. Consider your family situation, your circumstances, where you live, who you’re living with, who you’re not living with, and find a balance while working from home.

Burned by GameStop: Lessons for Low-Cost Trading Platforms From “GameStonk”

24/02/2021 - The rise and fall of GameStop dominated headlines in late January – an apparent David-and-Goliath story of small retail investors taking on hedge fund titans. As regulators and traders survey the fallout from the GameStop spike, however, a different story is emerging, with several villains and few clear winners.

Payroll and the Workplace in 2021

01/02/2021 - With 2020 at an end, the hope for most business owners is that 2021 will be less turbulent than its predecessor. But with Ireland’s Level 5 lockdown extended the transition back to ‘business as usual’ has already proven more challenging than many organisations had previously envisioned.


25/01/2021 - The philosopher William James reminds us that though humans find many reasons to separate ourselves from each other and from nature, we must realise that we are all part of the same creation to become our best self.

Cyber and Data Protection

21/01/2021 - Regulating the Internet, at Last? The Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act

The Central Bank of Ireland Report on the financial conditions of Credit Unions, 2020 - Credit Unions show resilience in 2020 but challenges lay ahead

21/01/2021 - On 17 December 2020, the Central Bank of Ireland published its latest update on the financial position of the credit union sector in Ireland.[1]

Government publishes revised workplace protocol

25/11/2020 - On the 20th November last, the Government published the Work Safely Protocol (the “Protocol”). The Protocol is a revision to the “Return to Work Safely Protocol” previously published in May 2020.

Big Four Accounting Firms Enter The ESG Reporting Fray

22/10/2020 - Companies’ attempts to transition to a more socially responsible, sustainable model have long been plagued by the challenge of measuring progress. With no universal reporting formats, businesses have struggled to monitor their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

COVID 19 tests business interruption insurance

22/10/2020 - As the COVID-19 outbreak initially swept across the globe, disrupting commercial operations and markets on an unprecedented scale, our clients raised many queries regarding the mechanisms available to minimise the risk of contractual breach and substantial financial loss to a business.

Code of Conduct between Landlords and Tenants for Commercial Rents

06/10/2020 - Commercial Landlords and Tenants alike should note carefully the provisions of the Code of Conduct between Landlords and Tenants for Commercial Rents published this week by the Department of Business,