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2021 – A Bumper Year for Central Bank Enforcement

20/01/2022 - In spite of the limitations imposed as a result of the Covid-era, 2021 was another busy year for the Enforcement Division of the Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”).

Energy prices are spiking as the world weighs its climate change agenda

30/11/2021 - Even as world leaders prepare to gather at the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), global fossil fuel prices are spiking.

Can Ireland become a vibrant centre for Insurtech?

04/11/2021 - Insurtech is an area that has seen exponential growth over the last decade. It essentially involves the use of technology to deliver savings and efficiencies in the insurance value chain.

What Employers can expect in Budget 2022

04/10/2021 - With this year’s Budget set to take place on Tuesday 12th October, many business owners are already considering how their employer’s commitments and employees’ salaries are likely change.

Counting the cost of “free” Education

31/08/2021 - The lifetime cost of putting a child through school exceeds €20,000 and when college is included the total rises to almost €50,000.

Regulation could help move cryptocurrencies into the mainstream but regulators have been slow to step up

24/08/2021 - The crypto assets market is rapidly becoming too big to ignore. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are attracting significant capital inflows and major financial institutions are increasingly interested in crypto as an asset class.

Recovery Planning for Insurers: Some Practical Considerations

29/07/2021 - Spurred on by the adoption of recovery planning in the banking sector, there has been an increasing focus on the importance of insurers developing Recovery Plans. From March next year all insurers will be required to have one in-place.

What businesses involved in the supply and servicing of credit need to know about upcoming legal requirements

29/07/2021 - The Consumer Protection (Regulation of Retail Credit and Credit Servicing Firms) Bill 2021 (the Bill) will affect credit servicing firms, hire-purchase and consumer-hire businesses and other indirect credit providers.

Does rising inflation herald a new economic reality or are higher prices a blip on the radar?

27/07/2021 - After a long hiatus, inflation is back. In June, the US recorded its highest annual inflation rate since 2008 and in the EU, last year’s deflation has turned into a healthy level of inflation. The turnaround has taken markets and some central bankers by surprise.

Greenwashers Beware – Global regulators turn their attention to ESG ratings agencies

27/07/2021 - Investor appetite for sustainable assets has been growing rapidly. As institutions and organizations have increased their production of climate-friendly instruments and assets that incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, the market for ESG ratings has exploded.

NTMA issues update on guidance for 2021 funding range

15/07/2021 - Following the publication of the Irish Government’s July Summer Economic Statement (SES) today, the NTMA is updating guidance for its 2021 funding range.

Cryptocurrency vs. Central Bank Money: Does the Future of Digital Currency Lie with Central Banks?

24/06/2021 - As cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin become an increasingly established part of the financial landscape, central bankers have begun to explore the broader potential of digital currency more seriously. With a flood of white papers, task forces, and workshops, central banks in New Zealand, the UK, Hong Kong, the EU, the US, and elsewhere are asking whether it makes sense to create their own digital money.

Antigen testing, vaccinations and ventilation: What’s new in the updated Work Safely Protocol?

27/05/2021 - The new revision of the Work Safely Protocol reflects the recent public health measures announced by the government in April 2021 under ‘Recovery and Resilience: The Path Ahead’.

Data Centres Shaping Our Electricity Future

27/05/2021 - On 8 March 2021, EirGrid and the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications launched a nationwide consultation report on the future of Ireland’s electricity system (the Consultation Report).

Deposits in Danger as Banks Push Back

26/05/2021 - In the wake of the crisis, many people are holding on to a stockpile of cash while they wait to see if the global economy rebounds. However, around the world, bank customers are finding their institutions strangely reluctant to handle these deposits.

The future is “Fintegration” : finTechs & traditional firms are joining forces

26/05/2021 - The line between FinTech firms and traditional financial institutions is blurring as the latter embrace new technology. Partnerships and mergers between traditional institutions and FinTech startups are increasingly common, and many incumbent firms are licensing and adopting the tools developed by innovators.

Managing the Work-Life Balance

05/05/2021 - With National Workplace Wellbeing Day upon us, it seems timely to consider the work-life balance. Encouraging employees to maintain an appropriate work-life balance is imperative for employees’ personal wellbeing and for building a supportive and collaborative culture.

Greening The Grid Is Sustainability Step One – How Can It Be Done?

21/04/2021 - The decarbonization of the power grid is a core step in building a sustainable, climate-friendly economy. Indeed, US president Joe Biden has put having an emissions-free electricity sector by 2035 at the heart of his climate agenda.

In times of distress, orphans shine: a look at Cayman Islands and Irish orphan Special Purpose Vehicles

14/04/2021 - Finance parties in a transaction frequently use structured vehicles using a borrower orphan as an instrument to secure their position. This is due to the nature of an orphan trust and the independence of its directors which provides an extra degree of comfort when making decisions on enforcing their transaction security.

Supporting Payroll Workers During Lockdown

30/03/2021 - A recent internal study at Paycheck Plus revealed that the core underlying needs of payrollers is security and safety and that when these needs come under threat, their behaviours switch to “defend and define” whereby they become protective, somewhat defensive about themselves, their family and friends and their ideas and beliefs about external threats.

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