21/12/2017: Do you agree with 30 km/h speed limits in Dublin?

a) Yes

a) 67%

b) No

b) 33%

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04/05/2012: Will the new DDDA board sell the CHQ??

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22/03/2012: Does Ireland deserve a new deal on EU promissory notes ?

15/03/2012: Do you believe property prices will continue to fall in 2012 ?

27/01/2012: Should State banks make workers redundant?

05/01/2012: Is social media a communication route used by your business?

07/12/2011: Should John Bruton get a pension of €140+ now that he works as ambassador for the IFSC?

02/11/2011: Is Greece facing a disorderly default?

10/10/2011: Your view on the Presidential candidates?

01/09/2011: Should a debt forgiveness scheme be set up for distressed mortgage borrowers?

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04/07/2011: Should the State retain some control in State assets that are to be sold?

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07/03/2011: Are French and German attacks on the Irish corporation tax rate fair?

31/01/2011: Should John Bruton become IFSC Czar after his failure to notify the EU of having two private jobs?

14/01/2011: Will Brian Cowen now lead Fianna Fail to a successful election campaign?

08/12/2010: Is the European Central Bank acting in Ireland's interests?

07/12/2010: Do you think the 2011 Irish Budget was as 'harsh' as predicted?

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09/08/2010: Is Nama acting fast enough?

07/07/2010: Do you think IFSC-based banks will reconsider their investment in Ireland if the proposed governance rules are enforced?

03/06/2010: Do you think John Bruton is a good choice for Chairman Designate of the IFSC?

07/05/2010: Do you beleive there has been destabilisation in the labour market?

31/03/2010: Do you agree with recently published forecasts that Small to Medium Businesses will return to spending on I.T. in 2010?

02/03/2010: Should workers who have not made provisions be forced to pay into a pension scheme?

02/02/2010: Do you agree with the criticism that the new 30kph limit around the capital is "absurd"?

06/01/2010: Will a rise in premiums force you to reassess your private health insurance?

07/12/2009: Will free parking and Operation Free Flow encourage you to shop in the city this year?

04/11/2009: As a consumer, do you feel the worst is now over for the economy?

09/10/2009: Should the Banks seek to raise new capital before Nama is in place?

03/09/2009: Should the Government provide the support to the hotel sector?

16/07/2009: Are banks right to pursue their debts without waiting for Nama?

29/06/2009: Will the National Assets Management Agency work?

09/06/2009: Should Taoiseach Brian Cowen resign?

08/02/2009: Is Brian Cowen doing a good job?