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Intuition Retains Strategic Leader Status In 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning

Fosway’s 9-Grid™ explores the market and solution trends that are currently impacting on digital learning. A buoyant market and more accessible innovation are providing corporate buy...

Intuition and Herbalife Win Learning Platform of the Year 2022

A gold Learning Award, the highest accolade that can be rece...

Intuition Recognized in Top 20 Online Learning Library List

This distinction, which is based on thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of online learning library providers, is testament to the continued trust of our clients and ...

Intuition Retain Strategic Leader Status In 2021 Digital Learning Fosway Group 9-Grid™

Fosway’s 9-Grid™ is a unique five-dimensional market analysis model that helps buyers understand the relative position of solutions and providers in the learning and talent systems m...

Combatting COVID-19: How Central Banks Are Responding To The Crisis

They have rapidly deployed a host of traditional and nontraditional monetary tools to help fight the global meltdown. Trillions of dollars, euro, and yen have been created to shore up the global...


Cryptocurrency Risk Worries Multiply

Investment is a perpetual search for superior returns relative to risk. At different points in time, various asset classes came into vogue. In the 1970s, gold was in favor. The 1990s saw emerging markets take on a new prominence. This century has seen the rise of alternatives.

Five Fundamental Jobs of the Finance Industry

The world of finance is undoubtedly in a state of aggressive progression, and while jobs related to emerging areas of the industry such as crypto and sustainable finance are now commonplace, fundamental positions still remain.

Active Investing Remains the Foundation of Fund Management

Rock-bottom fees have propelled the popularity of passive funds over recent years but there are many reasons why active management will always have primacy in the business of fund management.

Five Finance Jobs of the Future

Finance jobs of the future will be shaped by the fastest growing areas of finance today.

Why Financial Education is Key to Capital Markets Development

One year after the “memestock” phenomenon, efforts in Europe to build a retail investment culture are taking place just as a wave of new digital investment platforms appears. But, as the Securities and Exchange Commission expresses concern at online gamification of investment, is the industry on a collision course with regulators over an inadequately informed investment public?

Hybrid Working stats every professional should know in 2022

The world of work has gone through two revolutions in the space of less than 24 months

How to Improve Cyber Security Culture : 5 Tips

An important yet often overlooked aspect of any organization’s cyber security strategy is culture — building and nurturing a working environment that promotes and encourages secure behaviors and empowers people to better protect themselves and others through knowledge, awareness, and positive behavior change.

Energy prices are spiking as the world weighs its climate change agenda

Even as world leaders prepare to gather at the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), global fossil fuel prices are spiking.

Regulation could help move cryptocurrencies into the mainstream but regulators have been slow to step up

The crypto assets market is rapidly becoming too big to ignore. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are attracting significant capital inflows and major financial institutions are increasingly interested in crypto as an asset class.

Does rising inflation herald a new economic reality or are higher prices a blip on the radar?

After a long hiatus, inflation is back. In June, the US recorded its highest annual inflation rate since 2008 and in the EU, last year’s deflation has turned into a healthy level of inflation. The turnaround has taken markets and some central bankers by surprise.

Greenwashers Beware – Global regulators turn their attention to ESG ratings agencies

Investor appetite for sustainable assets has been growing rapidly. As institutions and organizations have increased their production of climate-friendly instruments and assets that incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, the market for ESG ratings has exploded.

Cryptocurrency vs. Central Bank Money: Does the Future of Digital Currency Lie with Central Banks?

As cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin become an increasingly established part of the financial landscape, central bankers have begun to explore the broader potential of digital currency more seriously. With a flood of white papers, task forces, and workshops, central banks in New Zealand, the UK, Hong Kong, the EU, the US, and elsewhere are asking whether it makes sense to create their own digital money.

Deposits in Danger as Banks Push Back

In the wake of the crisis, many people are holding on to a stockpile of cash while they wait to see if the global economy rebounds. However, around the world, bank customers are finding their institutions strangely reluctant to handle these deposits.

The future is “Fintegration” : finTechs & traditional firms are joining forces

The line between FinTech firms and traditional financial institutions is blurring as the latter embrace new technology. Partnerships and mergers between traditional institutions and FinTech startups are increasingly common, and many incumbent firms are licensing and adopting the tools developed by innovators.

Greening The Grid Is Sustainability Step One – How Can It Be Done?

The decarbonization of the power grid is a core step in building a sustainable, climate-friendly economy. Indeed, US president Joe Biden has put having an emissions-free electricity sector by 2035 at the heart of his climate agenda.

Burned by GameStop: Lessons for Low-Cost Trading Platforms From “GameStonk”

The rise and fall of GameStop dominated headlines in late January – an apparent David-and-Goliath story of small retail investors taking on hedge fund titans. As regulators and traders survey the fallout from the GameStop spike, however, a different story is emerging, with several villains and few clear winners.

Tough New Sustainability Rules Are Here – Is Your Company Ready?

On March 10, 2021, the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) will come into force. The SFDR – which forms part of the broader EU action plan for sustainable finance – is aimed at promoting disclosures related to sustainability issues.

Three Skills Your Employees Need In 2021

One of the momentous impacts of the pandemic has been a fundamental shift in how and where people work.

What Are The Core Skills Gaps Facing the Financial Industry?

Industries worldwide are experiencing unprecedented change as digital transformation and new economic realities shake up the world of work.

Sustainable Investing: 3 Primary Drivers for ESG Investments

The practice of ESG investing began in the 1960s when investors chose to exclude stocks or entire industries from their portfolios based on business activities such as tobacco production.

Big Four Accounting Firms Enter The ESG Reporting Fray

Companies’ attempts to transition to a more socially responsible, sustainable model have long been plagued by the challenge of measuring progress. With no universal reporting formats, businesses have struggled to monitor their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

Exploring Remote Internships: Part 3: Virtual Mentoring Tips for Success

Others may be struggling with the ‘new normal’, finding it difficult to structure their day, missing face-to-face interaction with colleagues and clients, and many burning out from over-working...

5 Mistakes Made by Remote Workers

The dramatic increase in remote workers across the globe has hit almost all industries and sectors. However, it is undoubtedly causing difficulties and will naturally be maligned with issues, teething problems, and mistakes.

Exploring Remote Internships: Part 1: The Future of Work

Remote working is becoming more popular due to the COVID-19 crisis which has forced most organizations to employ working-from-home overnight. While this is a disruptive period, technology is allowing workers to remain productive at home in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago.

The Great Switch – Negative prices are forcing Traders to change their Derivatives Pricing Models

Amid widespread economic uncertainty and increasingly volatile markets, derivatives traders have seen the prices of underlyings such as oil turn negative – a previously unimaginable scenario.

4 ways to improve your graduate hiring experience

Every year, college graduates world-wide enter the workforce, many having never been exposed to a professional environment.

Virtual Classes: Successful classroom learning from a distance

We all know that virtual classes offer some attractive benefits over face-to-face classes.

Banks Are Holding Up Amidst Coronavirus Chaos – So Far

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, governments around the world made a concerted effort to enhance the stability and security of the global financial system.

6 Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

Remote work is more prominent now than ever before.

Big Tech’s Move into Finance is Raising Regulatory Hackles

Given their dominance of digital spaces, it’s no surprise that Big Tech firms like Facebook are eyeing financial services – it’s a logical next step for them as finance becomes increasingly digital.

Tactics to create a culture of Learning & Development

Creating a culture of learning and development (L&D) has become a priority for many organizations recently. With numerous driving factors, learning development is an unavoidable element in today’s workplace.

Trends 2019: The Future of Work and the Shape of Future Skills

The paradigm shift we identified last year, largely driven by what we called ‘the 3As’ of AI, Automation and Analytics, continues to reshape the nature of work.

Can Augmented Reality Augment Workplace Learning?

Unless you were hiding happily under a rock the summer of 2016, you can’t have failed to notice the plethora of Pokémon hunters that emerged following the release of Pokémon GO.

Better Learning & Learning Better: Maximizing Workplace Learner Engagement

How often do people in your workplace declare they simply didn’t find the time to complete assigned training?

Creating Programs That Work | A Simple Guide to Training Needs Analysis

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the need to identify high-priority training needs for your people while at the same time being conscious that you need training that translates into real-value impact lasting well beyond the training intervention? Getting the right learning to the right people and producing durable results can be a challenge.

Why is mobile learning right for Millennials?

Millennials have been accused of being lazy, feeling entitled, and lacking commitment. They are said to suffer from a peculiar New Age affliction called “digital dependency,” where periods of time without their smartphone result in increased anxiety and even genuine moments of existential crisis.

People are the easiest hack; The Pentagon learns the hard way

The US military is one of the most cyber-secure organizations on the planet. However, it was not always the formidable digital fortress that it is today. Hard lessons had first to be learned.

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