This special offer is brought to you courtesy of Rally School Ireland

Our 3 Car Choice Rally Experience is our brand new rally package where you get to choose between 4 rally cars for 3 stages...the choice is yours!

Offer Details

This is the perfect, all-round package!

It is ideal for beginners who have never tried rallying before but want to get a good run at it, for those of you who are looking for that ideal gift but don't want to blow the budget, and of course the petrol heads who really just want to have a good bit of craic with their family and friends!

For €225pp you get 3 rally stages where you choose which vehicle you drive.

Choose between our:

  • Mark II Ford Escort
  • BMW 325i
  • Toyota GT86
  • Mini Cooper

You can drive them in any order you wish and you can even drive the same car twice or three times! It's all up to you!

Lunch is included in this package. Tea, coffee and refreshments are available throughout the day.

Certificates and lap times are given once the experience is over.

Give our office a call to book your date!

Check out our website for further information about this package:

Offer Expires: 31/12/2019

Contact Details

Contact Name: Kady McKenna

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Contact Phone: 047 89098

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